saint louis tutoring testimonialsHere’s what some of our St. Louis students and their parents have to say about our tutors.

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My favorite part about working with you was definitely seeing immediate results in the girls’ exam grades. Kelly and her tutor had a great rapport and he did a great job explaining the subject matter and discussing it with her. Elizabeth gained a greater understanding of Spanish which helped her beyond even her tutoring sessions.

Kelly went from making C or even D’s to 100% A+ grades on Biology. That’s a huge improvement. And it goes beyond grades: she said to me, “Mom, I really am smart!”. I have five kids, many with learning disabilities. Their IQ’s are high but test scores low. Your tutors helped bridge the gap between potential and performance. I’ve been telling people about you and will continue to do so. Thanks so much!

–Kris, mother of three students working with Integral Tutoring

Update: Kris had this to say about working with Michele this semester:

Elizabeth thought she didn’t need tutoring and was better off studying on her own–she was hesitant to meet with Michele. But everything went great, and the day after her third meeting she got an A on her biology test! Michele has been great for directing Elizabeth’s studying–Elizabeth can let her know she has a test coming up, and Michele figures out what she needs to do to get the best grade.

My kids aren’t bad students, and I think it’s hard for them to say they want the help. But I want them to go to the next level, and it’s great to see what they can do with the help of a great tutor. I think learning the concepts from a different perspective (besides the teacher) is useful for Elizabeth. And you can’t beat one-on-one learning.

The other day Elizabeth said to me, “I like Michele.” All I said to her was, “I told you!”


Emily really enjoyed working with David; it was a very good match. He explained things at a level she could understand. The part she loved the most was that he gave analogies to go along with the chemistry she was studying. She said she’ll remember everything a lot easier because of the analogies.

In fact, the first tutoring session went so well that we decided to go for an extra hour. Emily walked out of the tutoring session feeling very confident. It definitely was a great fit!

–Becky, mother of a high school sophomore

st louis tutor testimonialsAs a parent, when I called to discuss tutoring I was surprised to find that Patrick and I were able to choose the number of hours we felt he needed.  We weren’t locked into a program that was expensive and that we felt was unnecessary.  The flexibility in being able to work/communicate directly with Becky has also been helpful.  Obviously, kids communicate mostly via text these days and it was refreshing to know that Patrick and Becky could communicate this way.

Patrick says, “well, you can definitely tell she is very smart!”  They seem to work well with one another.  He says he is learning little things that will help him during the test.  He was really excited after last night’s session.  He said they worked on math and that if he can keep up that same pace during the real test he will get a 30!  He also says he is feeling much less anxious and more confident about taking the ACT since working with Becky.

Keep doing what you are doing.  I will definitely recommend your services to everyone I know. Thanks for everything!

–Adrianne, mother of a high school student

Update: After just seven hours of tutoring with Becky, Patrick reached his target score on the ACT! Adrianne said “he is beyond thrilled (we all are).”

I think Max is great. He breaks down the complexities of biology so I can understand how simple it really is. My favorite part has been the flexibility with times to meet. I am very busy, so being able to accommodate my schedule is AMAZING!

–Ashley, a student at UMSL

I was impressed that the tutors were Wash U students.  My daughter made connections with the tutors in that they were fellow Wash U students.  Beyond being her peers, they were knowledgeable and knew the courses and the professors. All in all, a big homerun! I will and have recommended to other Wash U parents!

–Audrey, mother of a Wash U freshman

Max is the best, taking tests with Max as a tutor felt like cheating.  He makes complex and difficult topics much easier to understand.  And not only that, he also will review the topic before the tutoring session, so he is well prepared.  He’s easy to relate to and I would highly recommend him.

–Alex, Wash U freshman

Everything is going great with David and we are very pleased with Ben’s progress. I would highly recommend David to anyone needing help with accelerated coursework in Geometry or Biology.

–Mike, parent of a high school student

Natalie, who worked with our tutor Alicia, wrote a review of us on our Yahoo Local page. Click here to read it!

Michele has been good with Kayla.  When she started Kayla had a ‘D’ in Math. She now has an ‘A.’ Her last two tests were a 98% and 95%, missing only one problem on each test. This extra help is invaluable to me as parent.
–Angela, mother of a high school student


Phil, who worked with our tutors Michele and Jonathan, was kind enough to review our services on our Google local business page. Click here to see our page with the review.
I just wanted to say that with your help in my honors physics course (which is a really tough class no matter how smart you are) I have not only felt comfortable but you have given me an understanding of the material that surpasses my classmates.
–Graham, high school freshman

Max knows his stuff and was very helpful in answering my questions. My favorite part of working with you was Max’s availability and the ease of payment.

–Greg, MCAT student

Never misses a beat. Very attentive, 100% there. He always knows the material that I am working on without having to refer to a book. You can ask him any question especially in math and he will know the answer and tell you multiple ways to go about a problem. He makes scheduling easy.

–Jon, high school junior

Easy to work with.  Natural in his interactions with others. Knowledgeable and bright.

–Debbie, mother of a high school junior

My favorite part was the competence and preparedness of my tutor.  He met on time and had the knowledge it took to help. It was a good experience.

–Joe, UMSL junior

Greg is extremely professional as a tutor. He always arrives on time, gets right to work, is a model of politeness and, most important, he has made a significant difference in my children’s understanding of math and science. They feel completely comfortable working with him.

–Rebecca, mother of two students tutored by Greg

Greg has helped Nathan understand his own potential in Physics and Honors Geometry.  Nathan needs some guidance in the material, however he also needs maturity in understanding how to apply his knowledge in a high school setting.  Nathan’s grades have made that important jump from a B/B+ to A’s.   Also, I would like to commend Greg on his professional demeanor and self assertiveness in customizing sessions to fit Nathan’s personality.

–Sarah, mother of a high school freshman

Greg is really easy to work with.  He listens carefully to my concerns and answers all my questions completely.  What I like most about Greg is that he explains things in a way that’s easy for me to understand.  I would definitely recommend Greg as a tutor.

–Carter, high school junior

Greg has been an excellent math tutor.  My daughter is bright, but suffered from a lack of confidence in math.  Last year,  we had week after week of angst and worry over concepts and tests.  This year is a completely different story.  Having Greg as a tutor has given my daughter the extra tools she needed for success.  The days before math tests are calm at our house, and the results speak for themselves…. Carter had an A in AP Calculus the first semester.

–Liz, mother of a high school junior

You have really helped me improve my testing skills in math.  No matter what subject is in math, you always know something to teach me about it.  Because of you I have really learned a lot.

–Max, 8th-grader

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