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The ACT is a multiple-choice standardized test designed to measure success in college. With only two hours and 55 minutes of testing time to cover English, math, reading, and science sections, you’ll be crunched for time. The ACT becomes even more of a marathon if you take the optional Writing section.

At Integral Tutoring, we believe the best way to prepare for the ACT is by learning the material on the test, learning the test-taking strategies you’ll need to maximize your score, and practicing real ACT questions. We recommend you practice with the guidance of your tutor as well as on your own, in conditions as similar as possible to the real ACT.

We offer two different options for ACT prep. They’re both based on these principles.


Comprehensive ACT PrepConfident Saint Louis ACT Tutor

Comprehensive ACT Prep is our most thorough option. We supply the best study materials on the market, including real practice tests to prepare you for exam day. You also get a study schedule to guide your tutoring sessions.

Your tutoring sessions will be based on your study materials. You will receive instruction not just on the material on the ACT, but also on the test-taking strategies that will maximize your score. You will also complete real practice ACT problems under the guidance of your tutor. Finally, you will complete practice ACT exams as homework.

Comprehensive ACT Prep packages include

  • One-on-one prep with an experienced tutor
  • A comprehensive study schedule
  • Test prep books, which are incorporated into your study schedule
  • Real practice ACT exams

Comprehensive Test Prep makes sense if you want our most thorough test prep option, and the security of knowing you are on a successful studying schedule.

Basic ACT Prep

Basic ACT prep is a no-frills option for students who just want a little one-on-one help from an experienced test prep tutor. Basic test prep doesn’t include a study schedule, test prep books, or practice exams.

Your tutoring sessions are based on whatever materials you already have. (We can also recommend some free materials you can access online or at the library.)

Basic ACT prep makes sense if you already have study materials you want your tutor to review with you, and you don’t need a schedule to guide your test prep. It’s also a good option for clients who are on a budget but still want one-on-one instruction from a great tutor.

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